How to find a best accomodation in Plitvice Lakes?

Before we even start our reccomendation where to stay , it is important to tell why you shoud stay overnight in National Park Plitvice Lakes.

At first, You can visiti the park on a day trip from Zagreb, Zadar, Rijeka or Split. But in that case you are only a few hours in the park and we wonder if the trip is worth the cost .For several hours you pay big amount of money. One day trip on Plitvice Lakes are expensive. They are more exspensive than your own arangement.

Next possibility is to stop at Plitvice on your way from inland to coast or opposite, but the bus schedules also allowed you a few hours in the park and you do not have a freedom to stay as long as you want, and you have to be under the pressure to not miss the bus. This is good option if you have your car.

But we think the best way is stay overnight, you will be more relaxed because sightseeing of national park Plitvice Lakes will take lots of your energy, with couple of hours of walking on a fresh air you will not want to drive two or three hours more to other place. For you is better to take a rest somewhere in accomodation at the area of national park.

Here are different options we have:

1. National park hotels

In the national park Plitvice lakes we have four hotels. Three of them are just couple of metres from the entrances and the lakes.Those are Hotel Jezero, Plitvice and Bellevue. Fourth one is Grabovac, it is 15 km from entrance to national park. Main adventages for those hotels is great position, you can just walk down to the lakes whenever you want. Another important advantage is that your entry fee to the park is free for second day. Guests can have their daily ticket extended at the hotel’s reception for the next day, for no extra charge. So with staying here you have two day ticket for price of one day ticket. Disadventage is that the are expensive and they do not have a value for that price. They are overrated.

2. Camp resorts

Camp Korana spread over 35 hectares flanking the Korana River, this huge national-park-run campground is about 6km north of Entrance 1, on the road to Zagreb. Facilities include a restaurant, a cafe-bar and a shop.

Camp Borje is located 15 km from the southern entrance into the Park. The camping ground occupies an area of 6,5 ha. It provides room for approx. 350 guests who are free to choose their own camping spot. The Borje guests use joint bathroom and toilet facilities. There is a restaurant well-known for its specialties, a bar, a store and an exchange office.

3. Hostels

For those who wants to save a little bit money, hostels are best option.

Falling Lakes hostel is hostel with solar thermal water heating, LED lighting and composting of all organic waste. They are located in Korenica, 1.5 hour drive from Zadar to the south and 2 hour drive from Zagreb in the north. In Korenica you will find all necessary amenities such as ATM, bank, supermarkets, bus stop, pharmacy and emergency, and post office. Advantage is because fot their guests they organize shuttle transport to Plitvice Lakes National Park for 35 kuna return ticket.

Hostel Lana Haus is situated in Ličko Petrovo Selo, small village just 20 km from National park Plitvice Lakes. Here you have beautiful small wooden houses settle down in the forest. Completely picturesque and wonderful ambient.

4. Private accomodation

In the area of National park Plitvice Lakes you have lots of the rooms for rents, apartmensts or houses. They are different by quality and price so you can choose something what is good for you. Tou have very simple rooms with three stars, but also you have some luxorious with 5 star. Also, some of them are near to the Entrance to National park and you do not need car, but some of them 10-15 km away from park.

The best way is to make reservation over AirBnB or Booking because most of this private home you can find there.

We think the private accomostaion is good option because you can meet local people , talk with them and learn something about local custom and food.Meeting local people is impotant fact of every journey.
Good Luck