Did You know?

We all know that the Plitvice Lakes are one of the most beautiful national parks and that they are protected by UNESCO as a natural heritage, and we know how many lakes or waterfalls there are and where they are, but there are certainly a few facts you did not know about Plitvice Lakes .. .

It’s time to learn something new


1. How many times did you admire the Plitvice Lakes landscape and did not know what makes it so beautiful and special? Travertine or tufa is a geological phenomenon that emerges from water precipitated with calcium carbonate by the help of moss. Algea and mosses make an excellent base for the deposition of calcium carbonate crystals because they contain microorganisms and animals which secretes mucopolysaccharides, substances that are “glue” for organic particles floating in water. The growth of moss and algae and the precipitation of organic particles is repeated periodically over a long period of time if we know that a few millimeters of sedge requires even a year to grow!Now you can imagine how many years it took to form a single waterfall …


2.Portal Buzz Feed has made a list  of 20 places on Earth that take their breath .The Plitvice Lakes placed on the 12th place. Plitvice Lakes are the oldest national park in Southeast Europe and the largest in Croatia and the fact that Plitvice has been preserved relatively untouched makes it even better.


3.One of the world’s leading travel agencies, Conde Nast Traveler, has included the Veliki Prštavac in the 15 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World!


4.Why the one of the waterfalls have the name Milka Trnina? There is little known fact of Milka Trnina, famous opera singer friendship with the  Croatian inventor Nikola Tesla. She gave a  money donation to the Plitvice Lakes Association for protection , and in gratitude, the Association named one of the Plitvice waterfalls by her name.


5.A Monument at entrance 1, at the viewpoint to the Big Waterfall is the work of sculptor Ivan Tokić from Solin. The story that lies behind this glorious monument is the following. According to the author, seeing the awarding of 500,000 visitor in the National Park he noticed the “emptiness” in the photography. That gave up him idea of ​​building the throne of a worthy king and queen in agreement with the authorities and in the end he realized that. September 27, 2011 is an important date in Plitvice Lakes history, that is the day that a million visitors arrived for the first time. Ms. Stana Ježina is the first person whose name is carved into the throne of the kings.